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Cecilia Chrapkowska

Paediatrician, author and…?


Her dedicated work to calm anxious parents
and to replace myths with science cannot be overstated


Swedish newspaper Expressen 2018 

 ”I wish you could understand how many times I’ve read
your blog in the middle of the night, in the evening and every time my children
have been ill. You are so clear and concise. I am an extremely anxious mother
and you have saved me (I’m writing this with my eyes in tears from gratitude)”

  • Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska is a board-certified specialist in paediatrics with a special interest in 
    vaccination epidemiology, health communication and health care system development.
  • Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska is also a PhD student at the Department for Women’s and Children’s Health since 2015 Link 
    Her PhD project aims at investigating whether infants with chronic disease and infants from socioeconomic 
    disadvantaged families are at risk for incomplete or delayed vaccinations, and if delayed vaccinations increase the risk of 
    getting vaccine-preventable diseases in Swedish infants.
  • Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska works as a paediatrician at the advanced paediatric home care section
     at Astrid Lindgren’s Children’s hospital. 
  • Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska runs one of Sweden’s leading pediatric information sites www.barnakuten.nu 
  • Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska published her first book co-authored with professor Agnes Wold in 2017. 
  • In 2020 comes the English edition Parenthood the Swedish Way – a science-based guide to pregnancy, 
    birth and infancy
    . (Scribe publications)
  • Dr Cecilia Chrapkowska has a deep commitment for human rights and work for equal opportunities, both inside the health care system and academia and in society at large.


The book

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 is a board-certified specialist in Pediatrics, educated at the Queen Silvia Children’s Hospital in Gothenburg and the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital in Stockholm. She’s a PhD student at the Karolinska Institute and conducts research on the efficacy and outreach of national immunisation programmes. 
Under the nickname Doctor Cecilia she runs one of Sweden’s most popular blogs on parenting and children Barnakuten.nu Chrapkowska regularly contributes as an expert and chronicler in magazines and websites focused on parenting. In 2020, her book Parenthood the Swedish way – a science-based guide to infancy, birth and pregnancy is published (Scribe publications).